Monday, December 27, 2010

Welcome to Dollar Store Veg!

I am inspired to share my love of dollar stores & good veg*n food after having read about an unemployed vegetarian who can no longer afford regular trips to Trader Joe's.  Although I am fortunately employed, it was not long ago that I was a starving student.  I recall being on my own for the first time and having to learn food prices and how to cook vegetarian meals on a tight time and money budget.  What's a good price for Fuji apples?  Where can I get cheap soy milk?  Whether you are a clueless student, frugal vegetarian, or down on your economic luck, I hope to save you from the trial and error that I endured by sharing my bargain finds and recipe insights with you. 

Check back frequently for the latest discounted items I've found- you know you have to scavenge- and for photos of the scrumptious creations I've cobbled together using my treasure trove.  May you be inspired to cook affordable veg*n meals!

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