Thursday, December 30, 2010

Deals of the week- 12/29/10

What's on sale this week? Most of the grocery stores I frequent have new sales starting each Wednesday. I will attempt to regularly share items of interest and recipes relevant to these items with you.

Ralphs (membership card required- free to join)
  • Silk soy & almond milk $2.50/64 oz.
Big Saver
  • cauliflower 50 cents/lb.
  • Quaker oatmeal $2.50/42 oz.
  • mustard and collard greens 50 cents/bunch
  • Sun Vista black or pinto beans $1/29-30 oz. can
  • Maseca corn masa $1.78/4.4 lb. (though I've seen a price as low as $1.48, this is an ok deal)
  • Kroger value frozen vegetables 98c/16 oz.
Bestway (no website, in CA, not to be confused with VA chain)
  • roma tomatoes 33c/lb.
  • oranges 6 lbs/$1
  • golden delicious apples 33c/lb
  • med. yams 20c/lb.
  • bananas 33c/lb.
  • lemons 33c/lb.
  • bosc pears 50c/lb.
El Super (website not up yet)
  • Fuji apples 33c/lb.
  • Asian pear 33c/each
  • corn husks $2.47/10 oz.
  • carrots 25c/lb. (occasionally 20c/lb)
  • Special Value frozen veggies 89c/lb.
If you've never visited some of these places, Google the nearest location and pay a visit for some deals!

Stay tuned for something I've made using something on sale this week.

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