Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Deals of the Week- 1/19/11

What's on sale this week? Most of the grocery stores I frequent have new sales starting each Wednesday (thru following Tuesday). I will attempt to regularly share items of interest and relevant recipes with you.

Ralphs (membership card required- free to join)- nothing good this week
Big Saver
  • papaya 50c/lb.
  • Springfield 8 oz. tomato sauce 4 for $1
  • celery 2 for 99c
  • cabbage 33c/lb. 
  • Roma tomatoes 33c/lb.
  • Del Monte canned vegetables 48c ea 13.5-15.25 oz. (must by 10)
Bestway (no website, in CA, not to be confused with VA chain- also note ads may be location-specific even within CA, so check local listing)
  • oranges 8 lbs/$1
  • roma tomatoes 3 lbs/$1
  • pineapple 3 lbs/$1 
  • Pagasa pasta 7 oz. 7 bags for $1
  • yams 25c/lb.
  • papaya 50c/lb.

El Super (website not up yet)
  • lemons 50c/lb.
  • papaya 50c/lb.
  • white mushrooms 8 oz. 99c
  • Gala apples 50c/lb.
Stater Brothers
  • Quaker oats 42 oz. $1

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